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Q: Is Meliora Community a nonprofit organization?

A: We're a for profit social enterprise. We believe this is important because many of the enterprises we engage have a for profit business model, and we want to help lead a societal mind shift about how every business can have a community impact

Q: Is the Private Peer Network for nonprofit or for profit purpose-driven business leaders?

A: Both! The Peer Network welcomes both for profit and nonprofit leaders. We've found that having both types of businesses 'in the room' helps to cross-pollenate resources and knowledge

Q: What does the Private Peer Network include and how much does it cost?

A: Benefits listed here are provided to Peer Allies, and this page also includes the various plan levels. What you invest depends on your budget. To learn more, set up some time to talk with Vicki about the goals that you want to achieve by being part of a private peer alliance. This is an investment in you that will support your growth throughout your life!

Q: How are payments processed for the Private Peer Network? 

A: Payments are processed through monthly recurring charges to your credit card

Q: When does the next Private Peer core group start?

A: Core groups start at different times, depending on group dynamics. Connect with Vicki to discuss what works best for you


Q: What are the qualifications to apply for the Peer Network?

A: To become a member, you must have founded or be the woman leader or innovator of an operational, post-revenue, woman-led business. Anyone who identifies as a woman or gender expansive is welcome

Q: Why is there an application process, and when will applications be available?

A: The survey confirms that you’re leading a post-revenue impact-driven business and give us an idea of how we can best support you. We ask that anyone who is interested complete this quick survey. Due to the confidential nature of the membership agreement, it is not posted on the site and available after you've scheduled a 1:1 or attended an info session. Please connect with Vicki for questions

Q: Is there a minimum that my business needs to be earning?

A: Your business needs to be launched, operational and earning revenue -- we do not ask for your financial statements and there is not a minimum revenue requirement

Q: Does it cost anything to complete the application?

A: The survey and membership agreement are free 

Q: How long after I complete the application will I get a response?

A: We will be in touch within two weeks of receiving your membership agreement

Q: How long are the monthly meetings and what do they include?

A: Monthly meetings are scheduled for the year so that you can plan and reserve this time for you. Meetings are 4 hours in length and there are morning and afternoon time options

Included in each meeting

  • Clean, neat, organized private meeting area

  • Coffee, water, snacks

  • Boxed lunch

  • Professional facilitation

  • Work mat agenda

  • All needed supplies - pens, post-it pads, easel sheets, sharpies, etc

Q: Do different people come to each meeting?

A: Each cohort has a maximum of 20 people (6-10 leaders in the AM core group and 6-10 leaders in the PM core group). Only those Allies (members) who are part of your cohort participate. Different subject matter experts join us for lunch presentations and workshops, but they are not part of the Private Peer Network meeting or issue processing

Q: Where are the meetings?

A: Meetings are facilitated at centrally-located venues with accessibility for all. Many of our monthly meetings are in private meeting rooms at the Columbus Main Library and we're excited about our 2023 partnership with Ohio Humanities

Q: Who facilitates the meetings?

A: Meetings are facilitated by Meliora Community founder Vicki Bowen Hewes. Vicki has deep experience and passion for holding safe space for leaders and empowering women. You can learn more about her WHY here.

Q: Is there childcare?

A: The venues we have reserved do not offer childcare

Q: Can I bring my children to monthly meetings?

A: As this time is for you to lean in on your personal and business development, and most of our conversation has mature content, children are not permitted in meetings. We are mommas, too, and understand the critical need for this important 'just for me' time

Q: What if I can't make it to a monthly meeting -- is my money refunded for the month?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot process refunds for missed meetings.  We've invested in supplies, meals and refreshments and cannot issue refunds

Q: Is there a virtual option?

A: Because of the confidential nature of our discussions and the powerful connections forged IRL, we do not offer a virtual option

Q: What if I want to join the Private Peer Alliance but can't afford the membership?

A: Please complete the survey and let us know in the 'questions and comments' section of the form. Often, leaders can apply for leadership development grants that will pay for membership. Meliora cannot apply for these grants, and it's the responsibility of each individual leader to secure the resources needed to join

Q: What if I join the Private Peer Network and then have to cancel because of unexpected circumstances?

A: We understand, life happens. Although we are disappointed for anyone leave the Network, we will cancel membership with a 60-days notice. Recurring payments will be stopped after the 60-day period

Q: I understand that this is 12-month commitment, and that meetings are once a month. Is there a minimum number of meetings that I need to attend?

A: Although there's no hard and fast rule about the number of meetings members participate in, we do ask that you block the dates on your calendar for the year as soon as they are received and do everything in your power to participate monthly. Membership benefits both you and your business, and you want to maximize your ROI. Whether or not you attend a meeting, your monthly membership fee is paid through autopay

Q: Is 1:1 Coaching with Vicki Bowen Hewes included in Private Peer Network Membership? 

A: The Private Peer Network  includes the Power Up benefits listed here, and is rooted in the transformative power and connections of the core group, which has a wealth of diverse talent and resources. You'll also have access to the subject matter experts that present at monthly meetings, and Allies are encouraged to meet 1:1 monthly outside of the regularly scheduled gathering to support each other's goals. 1:1 Professional Life Coaching and Nonprofit, Social Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship Consulting with Vicki Bowen Hewes are not part of the Peer Alliance Membership. If engaging with Vicki for 1:1 support is an interest, set up some time with her to talk through your goals. 

Q: What if my question isn't listed here?

A: Send us a note and let us know how we can help! We're rooting for you!

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