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Power Up

Your network is your net worth. Support is the #1 factor in a leader's success, and having the right circle of trailblazers around you is the biggest upgrade you can give yourself and your business. We love seeing you thrive! Annual membership includes:

Private Resource Sharing + Communication Portal

Share messages online, upload and download resources like marketing one-pagers, pitch decks, operating guidelines, trusted vendors, directories, and other helpful materials.


Monthly Advisory Meetings

A dedicated core group of 6-10 leaders, not a revolving door of whoever shows up. Half-day sessions are facilitated by 1 consistent, experienced professional, include real-time issue processing, group sharing, and a guest speaker.

Confidential Safe


Our success is rooted in the foundation of trust. Everyone signs a confidentiality agreement and is committed to bringing their full self to work through the most pressing work and life challenges.

1:1 and Cheetah

Team Support

Allies are encouraged to meet 1:1 outside of the monthly meeting to build individual connections, and have access to subject matter experts. Cheetah Teams are formed for unexpected urgent issues. Learn more

Alliance Business Showcase

Online directory featuring women-led businesses advancing social change and earning revenue. A trusted resource where you can list your business, share with your community, and explore socially-minded collaborations. 

Annual Leadership Conference

We're so excited to host Women Sparking Change in partnership with ECDI September 2023!


In the works for 2024 : event + conference with our most empowering community partners - stay tuned! 


Ready to Roar + More

Ready to Roar

Show up as you are at monthly safe-space Private Peer Network meetings, fill your cup and reignite your spark as you build the business you love. You matter and belong, always.

We talk about the real stuff. The stuff that keeps you awake at night -- the good, the great, the bad and the messy. The highs and lows that we usually keep to ourselves are what we work through together. 

Lean in, lead as your highest self, and BE -- in sweatpants to suits, on good hair days and on bad ones, we've got your back!

Cut out the noise, dream big and bounce ideas off of leaders who 'get it'. Instead of Googling for AI answers, you've got AH (actual humans) who are rooting for you to shine bright.



Do you ever feel like you are running in circles and not making the progress you want to? Are you continually 'Googling' answers to pressing business questions? 
When you have access to a group of trusted, experienced leaders to bounce ideas off of, their insight and support brings clarity, and helps you have confidence in your decisions.

Invest In You

Many groups have fees of $5,500 TO $20,000 per year. Through generous supporters who believe in empowering women entrepreneurs leading purpose-driven business, you can join at a rate that fits your budget. All levels are confidential and include Power Up benefits.

This investment in your leadership is priceless -- you will gain lessons, resources and connections that support you throughout your life. You determine the plan that works best for you -- your enrollment level is confidential. Sign up to learn more about an upcoming Private Peer Network core group launch.


Portable Inspiration

Magical media -- messages that empower your mind, nourish your soul, and inspire our Meliora sisterhood!

Advisory Board

We're excited to share more and introduce our empowering Advisory Board Members! Stay tuned for updates.

My Why

Let's get real! As a woman leading a purpose-driven business, so much of your time is dedicated to serving others. It's time to fill your cup! 

Meliora, pronounced MAH-lee-OR-ah, is Latin for 'the pursuit of better, together'. From the experiences I've had, I know the impact of holding space is transformative -- and needed now more than ever. 

When we gather in safe spaces and show up as our full selves with a sisterhood of change-makers who are navigating similar circumstances, we have a true sense of belonging. We are more confident, have more clarity, make better decisions faster, and we build wealth (it's about more than money) and impact. We embrace our uniqueness, have deeper relationships, make our wellbeing a priority, we do good and do well -- and we're worth it!

I'm so excited to connect with you and learn about your dreams and goals! I'm rooting for YOU!

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Vicki Bowen Hewes, Founder

Vicki Bowen Hewes
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