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Find Your People

Our signature Private Peer Network is for purpose-driven women and gender expansive entrepreneurs seeking to level up in work and in life.

Dedicated core groups (6-10 leaders, not a revolving roster) with a consistent facilitator meet monthly in a confidential safe space. We work through our most pressing issues and move forward with confidence.


We keep it real. We show up as our full selves. We hold space and accountability for each other. We dream big. We share ideas, we talk about our best days and worst moments. We work through what's keeping us up at night. We solve problems and share resources to build our businesses. We're curiously empowered and we're 'all in' for each other. This is our magic.

Find Your People

Ready to Lean In?

Qualified candidates for annual Private Peer Alliance membership are founders and leaders of operational, post-revenue businesses who:

  • Sometimes feel alone as a leader and seeking to grow a network of diverse, socially-conscious peers to commiserate, collaborate and celebrate with as they grow their business


  • Are excited to be a part of a sisterhood that lifts each other, aims to advance equity, amplify impact, build knowledge and gain resources


  • Respect the critical importance of confidential safe spaces and are committed to maintaining privacy

  • Understand the importance investing in personal and professional growth to thrive in work and in life

  • Are dedicated to participating in monthly small group in person meetings, and know that when we lean in for ourselves and each other, we are stronger together

  • Want to be reinvigorated, take back the wheel, to give and receive, and be empowered by a tribe that has your back

If this sounds like you, check out our Membership page to learn more and pre-register for our next core group cohort. We're rooting for you!


I am so grateful for the Private Peer Networ. I look forward to our monthly time together in a truly safe space. The world can be discouraging, especially as a woman small business owner striving to create social change and make a profit. Being in a room full of leaders empowered to create an impact and succeed is humbling and insightful. I leave meetings with new information and tools, filled with gratitude and recharged to take on the world!

Meliora Network Member

My Why

Let's get real! As a woman leading a purpose-driven business, so much of your time is dedicated to serving others. It's time to fill your cup! 

Meliora, pronounced MAH-lee-OR-ah, is Latin for 'the pursuit of better, together'. From the experiences I've had, I know the impact of holding space is transformative -- and needed now more than ever. 

When we gather in safe spaces and show up as our full selves with a sisterhood of change-makers who are navigating similar circumstances, we have a true sense of belonging. We are more confident, have more clarity, make better decisions faster, and we build wealth (it's about more than money) and impact. We embrace our uniqueness, have deeper relationships, make our wellbeing a priority, we do good and do well -- and we're worth it!

I'm so excited to connect with you and learn about your dreams and goals! I'm rooting for YOU!

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Vicki Bowen Hewes, Founder

Vicki Bowen Hewes
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