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Empower Women


In pursuit of better, together.

Advance equity for women.

Women have always been powerful, and purpose-driven women entrepreneurs are changing the world.


Pronounced MAH-lee-OR-ah, Meliora is Latin for 'the pursuit of better, together' --  this is the foundation for our work -- we know that when we harness our power for the good of all, we are collectively  stronger.

Created by and for fierce female entrepreneurs, Private Peer Network is our signature program, and it's a game-changer. The data reported by women entrepreneurs who are plugged into a confidential network of diverse leaders is powerful. 




Find Your People

Our signature Private Peer Network is for purpose-driven women and gender expansive entrepreneurs seeking to level up in work and in life.

Dedicated core groups (6-10 leaders, not a revolving roster) with a consistent facilitator meet monthly in a confidential safe space. We work through our most pressing issues and move forward with confidence.


We keep it real. We show up as our full selves. We hold space and accountability for each other. We dream big. We share our ideas, we talk about our best days and worst moments. We work through what's keeping us up at night. We solve problems and share resources to build our businesses. We're curiously empowered and we're 'all in' for each other. This is our magic.

Find Your People




I am so grateful for the Network. I look forward to our monthly time together in a truly safe space. The world can be discouraging, especially as a woman small business owner striving to create social change and make a profit. Being in a room full of leaders empowered to create an impact and succeed is humbling and insightful. I leave meetings with new information and tools, filled with gratitude and recharged to take on the world!

Network Member

What is Meliora Community?

Meliora was created by women entrepreneurs for women entrepreneurs because we understand the barriers faced, the pain points that can delay progress, and the power in shared knowledge and experience. 

More women than ever are launching and leading businesses that have a social impact.

This is great news -- businesses earning revenue, lifting our community, and leading long overdue cultural shifts.  Women are more likely to make the leap into social entrepreneurship because we've experienced different challenges, and want to be part of the solution while earning a living.

And, the barriers to success are real.

These challenges are not surprising, sadly, and include access to resources, feeling respected as female founders, and building a diverse network of support. 

Empower Change


Our Champion Alliance includes professionals, students, and all advocates who want to empower  purpose-driven business leaders and advance social change.


Your support amplifies our work through volunteerism, mentorship, workshop presentations, resource connections, sponsorships, event planning, and more!


Give Back.

I am a seasoned professional who's in the 'give back' time of my life. I love volunteering as a workshop facilitator and supporting the change-makers growing their businesses. I wish this had been around when I was building my company!

Community Champion

Social Behavior

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